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Disk Digger Crack is an application that you can use to restore all the material on your PC if you delete some important photos and documents and you want to recover these things you can recover them if you have the disks or DVDs or some other devices like USB or memory card. You deleted the data from these devices by mistake. Then you can drag the CD or DVD data in this app or beside the CDs or DVDs. You can recover the data from these devices with one click. If you want to recover the data from the drivers you can recover you cannot only recover the data from the drivers. But you can also retrieve the drivers. If you deleted them by mistake. These drivers are fundamental you can get them with one click.

Uses of this App:

If you lose your complete partition or any drive. If it is a C or D drive. Then you can also recover the data from these drives or partitions. You can also recover any format files or if you have the zip files. In these zip files, you have the important documents. Then you can recover the zip files with no issue, this zip file has the 5 files or 8 files you can get with only a single click. The app cannot only recover one specific file, song, or media. But you can also use this app for all media types in any format or size.

The procedure for installing the app:

This app you can also install this the easiest way you can or download it from any site. You can install this app on any device if it is your PC or if it is your mobile. After installing the app, you have to click on the scan option button then the app will start the process of scanning. Then you can select the images or media with the preview option and you can recover the media that you select, you can check the quality of the media that you lost before recovery. After this, you have to click on the recovery option. Then the app will inform you that the file that you are recovering is fully recovered now and before downloading. If you want to change the media format. You can change it.

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  • You can use the tool dig deep and this app will help you to recover all those files that you recovered two days or three days ago and before one hour. You can also use the dig deeper option for these options. Users can use it to get all those media or files that you deleted a month or fifteen days before you click on this tool and you can click on this tool and get this type of data.
  • If you have some data in the trash folders and you want to recover the data from this app you can recover it.


  • If you have any pictures of the digital cameras, but these pictures are not opening or become deleted. You can open the device on the app and recover the data, videos, or pictures from the cameras.
  • Through this app, you can also change the location of the directory to keep the data you can change.


This app also permits you to directly convert the data from one device to another after recovering this process. You have to connect to the device where you have to move the data. Then you can easily move those files that you restore.

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